Mendelssohn - Elijah

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St Albans St Cecilia Festival Society

Saturday 22nd October 2011, 18:30

St Albans Cathedral

Katy Crompton  soprano

Angharad Lyddon  mezzo soprano

John Pierce  tenor

Marcus Farnsworth baritone

Rufus Frowde conductor

St Cecilia Festival Chorus

St Albans Symphony Orchestra


The Festival Society Box Office, tel 01582 763113

Cathedral Information Desk, tel 01727 890256 (10.30–15.30 Mon-Sat)


The work for this concert will be the thrilling and moving oratorio, 
Elijah by Felix Mendelssohn. It was written for and first performed 
at the Birmingham Festival in 1846. The music and the scenes 
depicted are strongly descriptive and include the drought prophecy, 
the raising of the widow’s son, the rival sacrifices, the appearance of 
the rain in answer to Elijah’s appeal, Jezebel’s persecution of Elijah, 
the sojourn in the desert, his return, his disappearance in the fiery 
chariot, and the Finale, which reflects upon the meaning of the sacred